Celebrate an eco-conscious Holi with your loved ones. Make Holi 2023 a memorable celebration.

वसंत ऋतु की बहार हो ,उड़ा गुलाल ,सूरज की रोशनी मेय प्यार से बेनए रंग पीला , हरा और लाल. Holi hai!

When something is done or made with lots of love , warmth and determination the result will always be uplifting. Brio believes in being in sync with nature and thats the first principle for celebrating any festival too. All natural holi colours made by our women artisans then hygenically filtered by other team members using all organic vegetables and fruits we grow with pure kesar attar ! Most beautiful example of re use – reduce and recyle at the same time having a sustainable toxic free Holi with only love and freshly made preservative free thandai mix best for weather change . Be the change you want to see!

Our Organic Holi Colours

💚 Each colour in our organic Holi colours pack is safe for all.
💛 Gentle on skin and comes in a sustainable packaging and is completely chemical-free .
🌈 Celebrate this Holi with a lot of warmth and love with these lovely colours !

Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Holi With Biodegradable Colours 

With the Festival of love, colours and spring here, Brio Art House brings towards you with a lot of warmth our all natural handmade colours specially made with vegetables , fruits and herbs by all our artisans and Kesar Almond Thandai by our chefs with a lot of love to make memorable Holi for you all. Our way of celebration of victory over evil!

Buy or gift to a loved one with a lot of warmth!
Dm / Call / Whatsapp us to order now.
Orange, Purple, Green and Yellow Holi colors.

150 each /

Special Kesar Almond Thandai Mix

Thandai‘ is a Hindi word derived from ‘thand‘ and literally means coolness. In the northern states of the country, during these times of season transition, while playing Holi in March, drinks like Thandai helps in cooling the body and improves gut health in general.

Special Kesar Almond Thandai Mix 

Our Kesar Almond Thandai mix has been specially prepared by our talented chefs keeping the traditional recipes in mind to make most of the festivities and at the same time these are great for your health too. Most of the ingredients used to make traditional Thandai are known for their health properties!
🌾 Fennel seeds are known for its anti-oxidant, anti-flatulence and cooling properties
🌹 Rose petals have digestive properties
Cardamom, Pepper and Saffron uplifts your mood as are great energisers. Almonds and Cashew are rich source of Vitamin E and Fox Nuts are rich in proteins and a very good source of calcium.

Blend this beautiful mixture to your choice of chilled milk and enjoy the festivities with friends and family.

299/– for 100 ml glass jar.
(Makes 4 to 5 glasses of Thandai)

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