Eco-friendly Holi Hamper & Holi Colours from Brio Art House

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Holi Hamper

Brio enables you to celebrate the festival of colors, keeping in mind the sensitivities of the environment. Our Holi hamper comes with all things symbolic to the festival. Color loved ones, the finely ingrained powder is churned out of vegetables and flowers. The hamper brings with it toothsome delicacies, bite into some delectable Gujia, that can be prepared the vegan way too if preferred. Douse it of with thadia that comes with the goodness of almond and kesar. Enhance the experience by sipping it in Brio’s symbolic hand painted Kulhad’s that’s another accompaniment of the hamper.


Holi Colours

This Holi women artisans are doing their bit in preserving the colors that naturally paint the Earth. Just how are they going about this? By churning the colored powder out of vegetables and flowers.

Support this initiative and pledge to do your bit, by purchasing Brio’s Environment friendly colors this Holi.


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